” The best way to get fit and have fun”, “Great instructors”, “Amazing team”, “The way they run the sessions really motivates to push yourself forward”, “10 out of 10!”, 100% recommended”




Noelia Salmeron

TankToppers is, by far, the best fitness community I could have asked for during my life in Cambridge. I would strongly recommend you to join the team if you want to get fit and push yourself to the limits while having fun! Now that I do not live in Cambridge anymore, TankToppers is hands down what I miss the most!

Loubna Jaoui

TankToppers is a great experience. The atmosphere is fun and highly energetic. The workout sessions are varied. The group is very friendly and welcoming. The instructors are supportive and enthusiastic making every session really enjoyable!

Trinidad Fontiveros

I joined TankToppers when it was only a group of friends hanging out to do some exercise and get through the pandemic. It wasn’t until the third session when I realised of the benefits. Not only I felt fit and healthy but also in a better mood. It changed my life as I have never had a routine like this before. I am very proud of what this group has achieved since then and very happy to continue being part of it. Keep moving forward!

Clara Velazquez

After having joined several gyms, I have never felt so motivated doing exercise. The coaches really encourage you to do your best and challenge you to try to go even further. It’s been more than a year since I joined and I feel fitter and stronger than ever. Tanktoppers proves that you can have a lot of fun while working out!

Alvaro Rubio

After several years of lifting weights at the gym, I started to feel bored and unmotivated. As I have never had a coach some days I even finished my sessions without sweating or feeling tired. However, this changed drastically when I found Tank Toppers. The attention to detail of the trainers, the ever-changing classes, and the intensity of the peers make a stunning fitness experience out of every single session.

Eduardo Rosado

Ever since I moved to the UK, my brother had always been trying to convince me to join bootcamp. Just one year and a half ago, I joined my brother and Pablo (Tanktoppers coach) workout. I finished so exhausted that I was not sure I was going to be back. Two days later, I gave it another go and since then I’m totally into it. The passion and values that they transmitted to me such as never give up, challenge yourself to the limit together with the great group that we are, make my commitment even bigger.

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