We had the great pleasure to speak with Sheila Aviles, she is an elite Sky runner and double champion of the Sky runner world series (2017, 2019), considered one of the best Sky runners in the world. She has been very kind to us and has found some time to share about her life with us!

At Tanktoppers we feel very thankful and honoured for this so without more delay, let’s go directly to the interview! Again, our top physiotherapist and sports enthusiast Alejandro Torres runs the interview.

Welcome, Sheila. It is a pleasure to have you with us, thank you very much for stopping by TankToppers. I met you when you were still on the tartan of the athletics tracks, what made you choose the ridges of the mountains later?

I have always been a roadrunner, I have loved moving through harder and more abrupt terrain, I got a little bored with the athletics tracks. 

For this reason, I decided to breathe out and some friends took me to the mountains, where I discovered that the combination between running and nature was the perfect cocktail for me.

You are just 28 years old and you have already touched the “sky” with the Sky Running. What goals do you still aim to achieve?

I still have many goals to achieve, all of them focused on improving the best version of myself. That is the most important thing, to look at yourself. I would like to be able to improve my times and above all to be able to continue being competitive for many more years...

In spite of the differences between your type of training and ours, we have something in common: Nature. Don’t you think that training in a less urban type of environment gives a special touch?

I think that being in contact with nature is something very beautiful and special, it brings us back to our roots and our essence and I think the training is twice as enjoyable.

Trail Running, in any of its varieties, is becoming more and more popular. Olympic sport in the near future?

Maybe yes, it would be fun to be able to be in the Olympics one day running between mountains. But I would not like the essence of real sky running, with harder and more technical races, to be lost

Let’s say goodbye with our usual cheeky test so we can get you to know better:

The exercise that you would make someone you don’t like to do: Burpees 

Your last ‘cheat meal’: French fries haha

A pre-competition habit: Making myself up before leaving and putting cold water on the legs

An alternative sport to yours: Cycling

A place where you have not raced and would like to do it: In Costa Rica

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