Getting injured is always frustrating and not just because of the symptoms, like pain or a decrease in our range of motion. In many cases, the injury stops us from doing our hobbies or limits our daily life activities. To some degree, this could also extend to joining a Bootcamp club, HIIT or CrossFit for the first time.

So, what are the chances of getting injured when we join a fitness club?

Let’s illustrate this using the Tanktoppers sessions as the example, which also applies to other venues that offer similar sessions.

At Tanktoppers, we love strength training, power training and endurance training. That is why we are so eclectic and we put into practice what we consider is the most suitable and enjoyable for our group. 

Alejandro Physiotherapy

We combine moving heavy kettlebells or medicine balls, with sprints or jumps in a solo or team effort activity. And you may be wondering, can this be done safely if I am a begineer? The short answer is yes, but let’s dive into it.

Looking at the types of injuries, we can split them into two major groups: Acute traumatic injuries and Overuse injuries. The first group include fractures, dislocations or concussions. The second group are tendonitis, stress fractures or any other symptom coming from any tissue as a result of repetitive activity.

It is common to think that the possibility of suffering an acute traumatic injury is very low. This is not a contact sport, the floor is stable and falls and hits are not common at all. So very unlikely to suffer this during a session at Tanktoppers. However, what about  the overuse injuries?

Personally, before progressing with this, I consider essential to introduce a new concept: the “capacity of load” of tissues. This is the maximum amount of charge that human tissue can tolerate without injury or massive disruption of its environment.

Therefore, avoiding overflowing our tissue load capacity is key to reduce our chances to get this type of injuries. 

Finally, if you are one of our newest members or a seasoned member and you would like to work out with heavier equipment, we highly recommend to increment the weights very gradually. In fact, we advise you to speak with one of our coaches and ask for recommendations. They are fitness professionals who will be able to help you putting together a plan to make that load transition.

All in all, at Tanktoppers we have take care of you. I am certain that by following this, you are going to enjoy your sessions and improve your performance with low risk of injury. You will experience that after some time of  gradually increasing your load capacity, you will feel the progress. What progress? You will be able to withstand many more repetitions and extra weight with reduced risk of injury.

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