Flabbergasted with our new entry!! We move from the Olympics to Football and we have with us the Premier League football player, Junior Firpo. Junior plays as a left-back for Leeds United after moving from FC Barcelona. He is known for his athleticism and powerful style becoming a very lethal weapon on the left corridor of the pitch. Before Barcelona, he played for Real Betis where he started his professional career. We are more than delighted for having t Junior with us!! And FYI, he is also a Spanish Cup and European under-20 champion!! Welcome!!!! 

Once again, Alejandro Torres has done a fantastic job running this interview and you can find everything below!! 

Welcome to this section of TankToppers, Junior. It is a real pleasure to have you with us and we greatly appreciate it. A few months ago you changed Barcelona for Leeds, two totally different cities, what do you think of the change?

Well, It has been a big change, we all know Barcelona, very good weather, the beach, nice food, etc. Then you arrive in a new city in England and lots of things come to your head. Initially, you may think you are going to find bad food, rain, a different culture, etc. In general, you don’t know what it’s going to be like. However, we got a great surprise in Leeds, the food quality is great when you know where to go, there are excellent restaurants. Then, there are beautiful places to go for a family walk and there is a welcoming vibe in the city. In fact, when it comes to weather we have been very lucky! My teammates say this is being one of the best years ever, so we’ve been very lucky!

football player Junior Firpo

You have played in the two most competitive soccer leagues in the world, La Liga and the Premier League. What stands out from each and which one best suits your football?

Nowadays, I think there is a big difference between La Liga and the Premier League and we can see it in the European matches. I think the premier teams are competing very well, the pace here is faster than in La Liga. It is true that they have always been two different leagues, in La Liga there is more emphasis on tactics and technique. The premier is very very physical and in terms of that it adapts more to my football, I have more space, but of course, all that depends on my physical level, I have caught Covid twice and got injured four times in the same year. But, if I manage to be regular in terms of playing the games, I am sure people will see my best version next year.

At TankToppers strength and intensity training is at the core of our workout approach. Is that your secret to being a cannon on the side? We won’t tell anyone.

Everyone knows my secret, I know that in our sport there will be many ups and downs. It will never be all happiness or all unhappiness, so the first thing I try is to stay on a stable line. When things are going very well, I try to stay on that line avoiding getting carried away by the hype, and when things go wrong, to continue on that same line. I try think positively, that things will pass, that bad streak, an injury, not playing, etc. Obviously, in terms of physical preparation, I always aim to be in my best shape, my physique is 80% of my game so I always try to be the best I can be.

What is your m main goal in 2022?

The main objective in 2022 remains the same, to find my best performance, stay away from injuries, avoid covid and to be available for the team. For us, players, being injured or unable to help for whatever reason becomes very frustrating

Let’s say goodbye with our usual cheeky test so we can get you to know better:

The exercise that you would make someone you don’t like to do:

To run a kilometre as fast as you can. We did it here during the preseason

Your last ‘cheat meal’:

Condensed milk flan that my father in law makes, it is spectacular!

A pre-competition habit:

Stepping on the pitch with three little jumps with the left foot and being the third one on the line

An alternative sport to yours:

Padel, I love it, I think I will take it very seriously when I retire

A place where you have not played and would like to do it:

I have played in very good stadiums, but I think the Alliance Arena, I’ve never been there.

football player Junior Firpo
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