At Tanktoppers we believe that a worked out body needs to be functional and have the strength to help you enjoy life and sports activities. On top of this, we believe that you can do this as part of a group and that it can be FUN! But before we go into those details, let’s look at the two types of training that we blend to achieve this: Functional and Strength training.

What is Strength training?

Key health and fitness professionals define strength training as “the training that involves using your body weight or tools like dumbbells or resistance bands to build muscle mass, strength and endurance” [1,2]. Others define it as “Any exercise where you push, pull, or otherwise try to work against some type of resistance”[3]. So then for strength training, we want to work against some kind of resistance, either using our bodyweight or weighted equipment [4].

What is Functional training?

Fitness professionals define functional fitness as training that “mimics your everyday actions while engaging multiple muscle groups”, they also add that this type of training “is about preparing you for life” (5] others refer to it as “activities requiring multidirectional movements and the simultaneous coordination of a variety of muscle groups … for undertaking various life and recreational activities” [6]. So then, functional training focuses on replicating movements that are going to be used in everyday life activities, either sports-oriented or not.

An overlooked aspect of functional training is its holistic approach. And what does this mean? Say that your fitness goal is to improve your general physical fitness. If you go to the gym and focus on specific resistance machines, the treadmill or rower, you will certainly grow your strength and conditioning. However, in that way your muscles would be working in isolation, or just in one plane. Then, say that one weekend you play football or netball (i.e. sports that require multidirectional movements of multiple muscle groups). What is likely to happen?  Your performance in activities that require a high motor control or complex movements is going to be reduced and you have a way higher probability of suffering an injury [6]. And why does this happen? When you work out your muscles, tendons and the rest of the tissues in isolation or in very simple movements, they are less used to working in coordination. And this is important because sports like football and netball require several muscles to work in coordination, and that is something that you may not be training enough. A way to train this is to include functional training in your routine.

What do we do at Tanktoppers?

We incorporate both strength and functional training into our workouts. Using resistance equipment such as kettlebells, barrels, battle ropes, etc, that brings the “working against some type of resistance” to the table. In addition, we include functional movements that bring the “engaging multiple muscle groups” in multidirectional ways. And, on top of this, we invest time in creating diverse workouts so our members do not do the same workout twice. In fact, some of them are also gym regulars that love to incorporate more diverse workouts into their routines. Other members really enjoy the fun part of FUNctional and strength training. But you know what?  they all love being part of a social group that supports and motivates them to give their best at every session.

So, If you are ready to have fun while working out and experience what being fit really means, book your Free Trial Week here

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